OPCOM® Care:

The OPCOM®Care family presents a range of lightweight and portable Wi-Fi scopes, providing exceptional medical imaging solutions for both home and professional applications. Every model within this family supports the convenience of capturing photos and recording videos, facilitating seamless sharing with healthcare professionals. The Ear/ Throat/Vein and Dental scopes boast miniature yet high-quality camera heads, sourced from the world's leading manufacturer of hospital-grade endoscopes. Equipped with embedded LED lighting, these scopes deliver detailed close-up views, making them particularly valuable for examinations involving infants and small children. Meanwhile, the Elephant scope showcases OPCOM's groundbreaking flexible tube design, offering versatile and multipurpose observation capabilities for veterinary applications.

OPCOMMedical Germany Inc.

OPCOMMedical Germany Inc. will be official build in the coming 2015, with 1200meter square factory space and the teams was in 20 years’s service in endoscope development and production background in local Germany.

Localized production line set up in Germany, assembly will handle the endoscopy from the advance bending section design, stainless of waterproof, and fiber assembly & mechanical design , with Mother company’s 20years experience in imaging , optics and lighting, we dedicated to high quality medical device manufacturing, enabled by solid process control and technical expertise.

with the products “made in Germany” and “local sales /service in Germany intergrating Germany process and sprit, being a leader of new revolution technology products and challenge to win the top level flexible endoscope with OPCOM Brand in Germany.

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